Alphapack Mini Packing Machine

  • The machine used to pack small bags suitable for low productivity
  • Material contact parts made of 304 stainless steel
  • The machine frame is solid, the welding line is not angular …
  • Membrane used: composite film in rolls
  • Quantitative method: cup for powder or piston for liquid 
  • Speed: 10-20 bag/min
  • Machine size: L300 x W350 x H300mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Electrical components: Taiwan motor, VN resistor …
  • Electrical power: 1.5 kw / h
  • Power supply: 220v / 50hz (1 phase)
  • Origin: Alphapack

Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine: The Perfect Solution for Low Productivity

The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine is a device used to pack small-sized bags, suitable for low productivity.

Key Features

  • Product-contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring food safety and durability.
  • Rugged frame, beautiful welds, no sharp edges, ensuring safety for users.
  • Film type: complex film in a roll, suitable for a variety of products.
  • Dosing method: cup type for powder or piston type for liquid, ensuring high accuracy.
  • Speed: 10-20 sp/m, suitable for low productivity.
  • Size: D300 x R350 x C300mm, weight 50kg, easy to move and install.
  • Electrical components: Taiwan motor, Vietnamese resistors, ensuring durability and operating efficiency.
  • Power: 1.5 kw/h, power supply 220v/50hz (1 phase), saving electricity costs.


The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine is widely used in the following fields:

  • Food: packing products such as dry foods, processed foods, fast food, etc.
  • Cosmetics: packing products such as creams, facial cleansers, toners, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals: packing products such as pills, powder drugs, etc.
  • Chemicals: packing products such as cleaning chemicals, agricultural chemicals, etc.


The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine offers a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Increased productivity: The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine automates the packaging process, helping to reduce manual labor and increase productivity.
  • Product quality assurance: The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine helps to ensure the quality of the packaged product, preventing contamination or damage.
  • Cost savings: The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine helps to save labor costs, material costs, and maintenance and repair costs.

Contact us

The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine is a quality product manufactured by Alphapack Technology Engineering Joint Stock Company. Customers interested in purchasing this product please contact us via hotline: 0932.617.317 – 0942.388.979 or Emal: for the best advice and support.


The Alphapack Mini Packaging Machine is the perfect solution for businesses that need to pack small-sized bags with low productivity.



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