The process of producing snack cakes is diverse and rich

Snack cakes are one of the most popular food products today. The production of snack cakes requires technological processes and specialized operations, ensuring the criteria of a high quality product.

Depending on the product, processing stage and drying method, the snack cake production process will have differences. However, the main steps often include: preparing ingredients, mixing dough, kneading dough, pressing the cake, cutting/shaping the cake, drying the cake and packaging the cake.

quy trình sản xuất bánh snack

The process of producing snack cakes

This is the first and extremely important step to get quality snack products. Carefully selected ingredients include flour, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, butter, cornstarch, other flavors and additives…

Mix the flour

Once you have all the ingredients, the ingredients are put into the mixer to form a powder mixture with the necessary proportions. The dough mixing process takes place for a certain time so that the ingredients are evenly mixed.


After mixing the dough well, the dough mixture will be put into the kneading machine. Kneading the dough is the step to create the necessary elasticity for the dough before putting it into the mold. The kneading process will cause the gluten in the dough to become brittle and sticky.

Press the cake

After kneading the dough mixture with moderate elasticity and adhesion, it will be put into fixed molds or mobile molds to shape the desired product.

Cut/shape the cake

After pressing into thin slices, the cake will be cut or shaped according to the required size. This step requires skill and precision to achieve the desired shape.

Dry the cake

Drying is an important step that determines the quality, crispness and flavor of the snack. Different drying methods are used including oil drying, steam drying, infrared drying… depending on the characteristics of each type of cake.

Pack the cake

After drying to the right humidity, the cake is packaged in sealed, vacuum-sealed bags, jars, boxes… to increase shelf life and help the cake always stay crispy and delicious.

quy trình sản xuất bánh snack

Production process of 3 popular types of snacks

Below are details on the production process of some popular instant snacks: cookies, crackers and potato chips.

Biscuit production process

Biscuits are a light, delicious cake, suitable for snacks. To carry out the cookie production process, the main steps will include:

Prepare ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, vegetable oil, milk powder, salt…

Mixing dough: The ingredients are put into the mixer in appropriate proportions. Mixing time is about 3-5 minutes for good hydration to occur.

Kneading the dough: After mixing well, the dough is put into the kneading machine to create the necessary elasticity to make the dough easier to shape.

Pressing into a mold: The dough mixture is put into a cake mold and then put into the oven at a temperature of about 190 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes.

Drying: After coming out of the oven, the cookies will be put into a hot air dryer and infrared dryer to dry the water in a short time. Drying temperature is from 60-70 degrees Celsius.

Packaging: Cakes are put into appropriate boxes/bags then sealed and vacuumed to ensure hygiene and safety.

Cracker production process

Crackers are also a type of crispy cookie, good to eat with drinks, liquid milk… The main process includes:

Prepare ingredients: flour, sugar, animal fat, salt, additives, water, milk powder…

Mixing the dough: The ingredients are mixed with enough water to create a smooth mixture.

Kneading and rolling: After mixing well, the dough is put into a stretching machine to form thin, flexible slices.

Cutting shapes and holes: Thin slices of dough are passed through a cutting wire to create the desired shape and size, then the typical round hole of a cracer cake is punched.

Drying: Dry in a convection oven at 40-50 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes to cook and dry gradually.

Packing crackers: After drying, put the crackers into bags or boxes suitable for storing food to keep dry.

Potato chip production process Potato chips are a favorite snack of many people. The main process includes:

Prepare ingredients: potatoes, cooking oil, fried flour, fried seasoning…

Wash, peel and cut potatoes into thin slices or strips.

Soak potatoes in cold water mixed with salt and vinegar to avoid darkening.

Take the potatoes out into the basket to drain.

Fry in hot oil at 160-180 degrees Celsius until golden and crispy.

Use each layer of filter bag to remove excess oil.

Coat the surface of the cake with spice powder to enhance the flavor.

Pack the cake in a sealed, vacuum-sealed bag to keep it dry and crispy.

Thus, the way of producing 3 popular types of snacks has similarities and differences. However, they all emphasize the safety, hygiene, and quality of the product. Besides, there is convenience, diversity in shape and flavor to meet the increasing tastes of consumers.

Modern equipment and production technology lines

To ensure a smooth, continuous and synchronous snack production process, a modern equipment system is extremely necessary. Some advanced equipment and technology lines applied to automated snack production lines include:

  • Powder mixing equipment: ensures proportion and uniformity of ingredients.
  • Mold cake pressing machine: works continuously, pressing a series of cakes at once.
  • Hydraulic cutting and cracker punching line.
  • Temperature control automatic drying and steaming equipment.
  • High-performance heat exchange system, low power consumption.
  • Grease recovery line helps increase the life of frying oil.
  • Smart packaging system: vacuum bags, cartons and automatic pallets…

Automated production lines will help optimize processes, improve productivity and save production costs. In addition, it also reduces labor and errors

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