Technical and economic analysis of investment in bottle washing machine

Investing in a bottle rinsing machine is an important decision for beverage factories. Bottle washing machines help increase productivity and efficiency in the bottle washing process, while minimizing labor costs. However, choosing to invest in a suitable bottle rinsing machine is quite complicated, requiring careful evaluation both technically and economically.

Select a bottle rinsing machine supplier

Supplier selection criteria

  • Supplier’s reputation and experience
  • Quality and durability of the bottle rinsing machine
  • Cost and maintenance costs

Technical and economic analysis of investment in bottle washing machine

Machine capacity and capacity

  • Washing capacity: 5000-10000 bottles/hour
  • Machine size is suitable for the factory
  • Stable operating capacity

máy súc chai

Some popular bottle rinsing machine models

  • SRC-8000 rinsing machine with capacity of 8000 bottles/hour
  • SRC-10000 rinsing machine with capacity of 10,000 bottles/hour
  • SCR-12000 rinsing machine with capacity of 12,000 bottles/hour

Investment and operating costs

  • Initial investment cost: 500-800 million VND
  • Low operating costs due to automation
  • Save labor costs compared to manual washing

Factors affecting cost

  • Price of bottle rinsing machine and spare parts
  • Cost of electrical energy to operate the machine
  • Annual maintenance costs

Efficiency from bottle rinsing machine

  • Increase bottle washing productivity 5-10 times compared to manual
  • Save labor, reduce labor costs
  • Bottles are cleaned more cleanly, ensuring hygiene and safety

Other benefits

  • Automate the bottle washing process
  • Stable quality of bottle washing, evenly across batches
  • Minimize the rate of bottle damage and broken bottles

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Instructions for operation and maintenance of bottle rinsing machine

Operation process of bottle rinsing machine

  • Check the electrical system and water valve before operating
  • Start the machine and warm up the washing solution
  • Put the bottle on the conveyor belt, the machine automatically rinses
  • After checking the washed bottle, pack it and take it to the utility

Some notes when operating the machine

  • Some notes when operating the machine
  • Periodically add washing solution after each batch
  • Ensure stable water pressure during washing

Instructions for periodic maintenance of bottle rinsing machine

  • Clean machinery after each shift/day of production
  • Check the water filter and drain debris periodically
  • Maintain pumps and pumps according to safety standards

Some parts require regular maintenance

  • Water filter system: clean the filter
  • Water pump: maintenance, periodic pump oil change
  • Conveyor belt: clean, check for wear and damage

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does a bottle rinsing machine work?

Máy súc rửa chai hoạt động bằng cách sử dụng dòng nước áp lực cao và dung dịch tẩy rửa để làm sạch các chai lọ trên dây chuyền tự động. Các chai lọ được đưa qua băng tải và các đầu phun sẽ trực tiếp xịt rửa bên trong và bên ngoài chai.

Bottle rinsing machine helps save costs and labor?

That’s right, bottle rinsing machines help automate the bottle washing process to replace manual labor, thereby saving labor and operating costs. Bottle washing productivity is also many times higher than manual washing.

How does machine maintenance work?

Maintenance activities of bottle washing machines include cleaning machines, checking water filters, and periodically pumping water. Important parts such as water pumps and conveyors also need regular maintenance to ensure operation.

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Investing in a bottle rinsing machine with appropriate capacity will bring many benefits to beverage factories. However, it is necessary to choose a reputable supplier and carefully evaluate the technical and economic aspects. The operation and maintenance process also requires attention, ensuring the machine operates stably.

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