Fertilizer packaging machine

  • Machine used to pack fertilizers, powder types less dust
  • Contact details for making 304 stainless steel
  • Solid chassis, beautiful welding lines are not angled …
  • Types of membranes used: complex rolls
  • Quantitative method: cup form
  • Package type: Pressed on the abdomen
  • Packaging material: fertilizer
  • Speed: 20-40 túi/phút
  • Machine size: L900 x W700 x H1900mm
  • Electrical components:
  • Mitsubishi – Japan inverter
  • Touch screen Delta – Taiwan
  • PLC Mitsubishi-Japan
  • Cylinder – Taiwan
  • Motor – Germany
  • Electrical capacity: 1.8 kw / h
  • Power source: 380v / 50hz (3 phases)
  • Origin: Alphapack – Viet Nam

Alphapack fertilizer packaging machine – Fast, accurate packaging solution

Alphapack fertilizer packaging machine is a specialized packaging equipment, used to package fertilizers and low-dust powders. The machine is manufactured using modern technology, ensuring high quality and durability.

Advantages of Alphapack fertilizer packaging machine

  • Fast, accurate: The machine has a packaging speed of 20-40 bags/minute, meeting the production needs of businesses.
  • High Quality: The entire machine is made from 304 stainless steel, ensuring high durability and easy cleaning.
  • Quality electronic components: The machine is equipped with electronic components imported from Japan and Taiwan, ensuring durability and accuracy.
  • Suitable for many types of fertilizers: The machine can package many types of fertilizers, including low-dust fertilizers.

Technical specifications of Alphapack fertilizer packaging machine

  • Machine type: Fertilizer packaging machine
  • Packaging materials: Fertilizer
  • Bag weight: Optional
  • Type of membrane used: Composite membrane in roll form
  • Dosing method: Cup form
  • Compression package type: Abdominal compression
  • Speed: 20-40 bags/minute
  • Machine dimensions: L900 x W700 x H1900mm
  • Weight: 700kg
  • Electric capacity: 1.8 kw/h
  • Power source: 380v/50hz (3 phase)
  • Origin: Alphapack – Vietnam


Alphapack fertilizer packaging machine is widely used in fertilizer production, agriculture,…


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