Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine

  • Machine use for labeling plastic bottles, glass bottles …
  • Materials for manufacturing machines with stainless steel 304
  •  Labeling machine by conveyor
  • Types of labels used: decal stickers
  • Bottle type: round plastic bottle
  • Speed: 25-50 bottles / min
  • Labeling accuracy ± 1mm
  • Machine size: (L2000 x W900 x H1200) mm
  • Label reel inner diameter: 76mm
  • Label reel outer diameter: 300mm
  • Electrical power: 1kw / h
  • Power source: 220v / 50hz
  • Machine weight: 250kg
  • Servo – Japan
  • Touch screen – Taiwan
  • Motor – Italy
  • Sensor – Taiwan
  • Origin: Alphapack – Vietnam

Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine: The Optimal Solution for Labeling Bottles

The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine is a device used to apply labels to plastic bottles, glass bottles, and other containers automatically, accurately, and quickly.

Key Features

  • Machine material made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring food safety and durability.
  • Labeling machine type: conveyor belt, suitable for a variety of bottle types.
  • Label type: decal, suitable for a variety of information to be applied.
  • Labeling speed: 25-50 bottles/minute, meeting the production needs of businesses.
  • Labeling deviation ±1mm, ensuring that the label is applied in the correct position.
  • Machine size: (D2000 x R900 x C1200) mm, weight 250kg, easy to move and install.
  • Power consumption: 1kw/h, power supply 220v/50hz, saving electricity costs.
  • Servo of Japan, touch screen of Taiwan, motor of Italy, sensor of Taiwan, ensuring durability and operating efficiency.


The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine is widely used in the following fields:

  • Food: labeling products such as soft drinks, bottled water, canned food, etc.
  • Cosmetics: labeling products such as facial cleansers, skin care creams, lipsticks, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals: labeling products such as tablets, powders, liquid medicines, etc.
  • Chemicals: labeling products such as cleaning chemicals, industrial chemicals, etc.


The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine offers a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Increased productivity: The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine automates the labeling process, helping to reduce manual labor, increasing productivity by many times.
  • Product quality assurance: The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine helps to ensure the quality of the labeled product, preventing contamination or damage.
  • Cost savings: The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine helps to save labor costs, material costs, and maintenance and repair costs.

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The Alphapack Automatic Labeling Machine is the optimal solution for labeling bottles, helping businesses to improve productivity, ensure product quality, and save costs.