What is a Labeling Machine? Benefits To Businesses Of Labeling Machines

Labeling machine is a device used to apply labels on the surface of products, packages, cartons, … automatically. Labeling machines are widely used in many different fields and bring many benefits to businesses. So what is a labeling machine? What benefits can labeling machines bring to businesses? We invite you to find out in the following article!

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1.What is a labeling machine?

Labeling machine is a device used to apply labels on the surface of products, packages, cartons, … automatically, accurately and quickly. Labeling machines are widely used in many different fields, including:

  • Food and beverage production
  • Manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products
  • Chemical production
  • Electronic manufacturing, refrigeration
  • Production of consumer goods

2.Types of labeling machines

On the market today, there are many different types of labeling machines, classified based on criteria such as:

  • Automation: Labeling machines can be divided into two types: automatic labeling machines and semi-automatic labeling machines. The automatic labeling machine fully automates the labeling process, while the semi-automatic labeling machine only automates some stages of the labeling process.
  • Label style: Labeling machines can be divided into two categories: manual labeling machines, automatic labeling machines, semi-automatic labeling machines according to conveyor belts, automatic labeling machines according to rotary axis,…
  • Wattage: Labeling machines can be divided into types: low capacity labeling machines, medium capacity labeling machines, high capacity labeling machines.

3.Main parts of labeling machine

The labeling machine consists of the following main parts:

  • Chassis: The machine frame is the main part of the labeling machine, which has the function of supporting other parts of the machine.
  • Labeling system: The label feeding system has the function of feeding labels to the labeling machine.
  • Label positioning system: The label positioning system has the function of positioning the label in the correct position on the product.
  • Labeling system: The labeling system has the function of labeling the product.
  • The controlling system: The control system has the function of checking the quality of the sticker before it is affixed to the product.

4.How the labeling machine works

Labeling machine works according to the following principle:

  • First, the label feeding system will bring the label to a position on the product.
  • Next, the labeling system will put the label on the product.
  • Finally, the control system checks the quality of the sticker before the product is released from the machine.

5.The benefits of labeling machines

Labeling machines offer many benefits to businesses, including:

  • Increase labor productivity: The labeling machine automates the labeling process, helping to reduce manual labor and increase labor productivity many times.
  • Product quality assurance: Labeling machine helps to ensure the quality of labeled products, avoiding contamination and damage.
  • Cost savings: Labeling machine helps to save labor costs, material costs and maintenance costs.
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6.Application of the labeling machine

Labeling machines are widely applied in many different fields, including:

  • Food and beverage production: Labeling machine is used to label food and beverage products such as bottles, jars, boxes, packages,…
  • Manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products: Labeling machine is used to label cosmetic and pharmaceutical products such as tubes, bottles, boxes,…
  • Chemical production: Labeling machine is used to label chemical products such as cans, bottles, barrels,…
  • Manufacture of electronics and refrigeration: Labeling machines are used to label electronic and refrigeration products such as computers, televisions, refrigerators,…
  • Production of consumer goods: Labeling machines are used to label consumer products such as clothing, shoes, household appliances,…

7.Notes when using the labeling machine

  • Choose the right sticker type: The labeling machine can apply many different types of stickers, including paper stickers, plastic stickers, metal stickers,… Businesses need to choose the right type of sticker for the labeling machine and product. need to be labeled.
  • Correct installation specifications: Each labeling machine has different specifications, including labeling speed, labeling force, labeling temperature,… Businesses need to install the correct specifications for the labeling machine to ensure Make sure the sticker is in the right position, the right size and the right quality.
  • Check the sticker before sticking: Before affixing a label on a product, businesses need to check the sticker to make sure the sticker is not faulty, not torn, not dirty,…
  • Clean the labeling machine regularly: Labeling machines need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, grease and foreign objects that can cause machine damage.

In addition, businesses also need to note some of the following issues when using labeling machines:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Businesses need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the safe and effective use of labeling machines.
  • Use the labeling machine correctly: Businesses need to use the labeling machine correctly to avoid damage to the machine and ensure the quality of the stickers.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of labeling machines: Businesses need to regularly check and maintain labeling machines to ensure efficient and durable machine operation.

8.Choosing the right labeling machine for your production needs

To choose the right labeling machine for production needs, businesses need to pay attention to a few factors as follows:

  • Automation: Automatic labeling machine or semi-automatic labeling machine?
  • Label style: Manual labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine according to conveyor belt, automatic labeling machine according to rotation axis, …
  • Wattage: How much capacity does the labeling machine have?
  • Product dimensions: What size products can the labeling machine label?
  • Sticker Type: What types of stickers can the labeling machine be used for?


9.Install and operate the labeling machine

Before using the labeling machine, businesses need to install and operate the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help ensure operator safety and prevent damage to the machine.

10.Labeling machine maintenance and servicing

In order for the labeling machine to operate sustainably and effectively, businesses need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine. Labeling machine maintenance and repair work includes:

  • Clean the machine regularly
  • Inspect machine parts to detect and correct damage in time
  • Replace damaged components

11.Where to buy labeling machine?

Currently, there are many labeling machine suppliers on the market. When buying a labeling machine, businesses need to choose a reputable, experienced supplier with good warranty.


Labeling machine is an important equipment in the production and packaging of goods. Choosing and using the right labeling machine will help businesses increase labor productivity, ensure product quality and save costs.

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