Liquid packing machine

Scope of application:

Liquid packing machine is suitable for pharmacy,food,household chemicals ,pesticides materials,such as shampoo,body foam,oil grease,cosmetics,chemical fertilizer,seasoning oil,chili sauce,ketchup,etc.


1.Automatic granule packing machine can finish the process like conveying bag,bag making,filling,weighing,sealing,cutting,counting,lot number,etc.

2.Bilingual display screen control system,stainless steel cabinet.Set up the required data(include filling,weighing,bag size,etc) in the visuable settings,the control system automatic optimization match with all the program so that achieve the best packing speed precisely.

3.Stepper Motor control,this system has the advantage of precise,needless to adjust the other parts.

4.It has color system controller,so that can get the complete trade mark design.

5.Suitable for the complex film and tin foil and other packing material.Fine packaging performance,low noise,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

6.Delta PLC control,customize details according customer’s requirement.

  • Machine used to pack liquids, viscous liquids, such as chili sauce, cooking oil, sate, mayonaise.
  • Material contact parts made of 304 stainless steel
  • The machine frame is solid, the welding line is not angular ...
  • Membrane used: composite film in rolls
  • Quantitative method: piston
  • Speed: 30-60 product/min
  • Machine size: L600 x W700 x H1800mm
  • Weight: 400kg


  • Inverter - Germany
  • Touch screen Delta - Taiwan 
  • PLC Mitsubishi- Japan
  • Pneumatic Airtac - Taiwan
  • Electrical power: 1.5 kw / h
  • Power supply: 220v / 50hz
  • Origin: Alphapack

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