Automatic Double Side Labeling Machine for flat or round bottles


1.  It can make labeling on both sides at the same time efficiently. Of course client can choose to make one side or double sides labeling.

2. Client can choose to add coding machine.

3.  It can work separately or work connecting with conveyor.

4.Equipped with touch screen & PLC control system.


Technical Parameters:

  •  Size of Machine:  2800(L)×1450(W)×1360(H)mm
  •  Labeling Speed:  25-60 pcs/min
  •  Height of Object:  30-280mm
  •  Thickness of object:  20-200mm
  •  Height of Label: 15-140mm
  •  Length of Label: 25-300mm
  •  Accuracy of Labeling: ±1mm
  •  Label roller inside diameter: 76mm
  •  Label roller outside diameter: 300mm
  •  Power Supply: 220V 1.5HP 50/60HZ (if power supply different, a transformer is needed)
  •  compressed air consumption:5Kg/cm2 
  • Weight of Machine: 250Kg



The servo motor SUS304 economy automatic two sides square bottle labeling machine is suitable for all kinds of regular and irregular containers, flat surface or round bottles, especially ideal for flat surface and square containers.

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