Eye drops filling machine
  • Filler for eye drops, liquids such as food, chemicals, medical ...
    Easy to use and adjust volume changes
    Machine lacks bottle or lack of material does not filling and automatically stop siren
    The machine has easier cleaning tray when cleaning the machine, with automatic washing program
    The machine does not drip when filling
    Part exposed to 304 stainless steel materials
    Quantitive by piston
    Number of 1 head filling
    Speed: 300-400  product/hour
    Machine size: (L2500 x W1500 x H2200) mm
    Power capacity: 0.5kw / h
    Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 mpa
    Power source: 380V / 50hz
    Machine weight: 800kg
    Origin: Alphapack - Vietnam
    Electrical components used: Germany, Japan, Taiwan, do not use Chinese components

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