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What are label machines?

Label machines are devices that allow printing and affixing labels onto product surfaces. They use modern printing technology to generate adhesive labels containing information such as: product name, ingredients, origin, manufacturing date, etc. These labels are then directly affixed onto the product surface automatically.

Functions of machines

  • Quickly and accurately affix information on products and packaging.
  • Help categorize products more easily.
  • Provide detailed product information to consumers.
  • Support warehouse management and product control effectively.
  • Enhance aesthetics and value of products.

Common types of label machines

Automatic label machines

Use an automatic system to affix labels on products without manual handling. Suitable for mass production lines.

Semi-automatic label machines

Still require operator to position products for label affixing. Suitable for small and flexible production batches.

Hand-held label machines

Compact and portable design. Users hold the printer and manually affix labels on products.

Modern label printing technologies

Inkjet printing

Uses printheads to spray ultra-small ink droplets onto label surfaces. Delivers high-resolution, sharp print quality.

Direct thermal

A thermal printhead burns the coating of ribbons to directly print labels onto product surfaces.


Laser beams can burn surfaces to create images on labels. Extremely high accuracy and detail.

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Benefits of label machines

  • Save time and labor compared to manual labeling
  • Standardized, accurate labeling at high speeds
  • Can integrate into automated production lines
  • Easy to update and change print content
  • Help categorize and identify products easily
  • Enhance product aesthetics and value

Applications of label machines

In manufacturing

  • Labeling boxed, packaged, bottled products
  • Component and product categorization in factories
  • Print product labels, company name, shipping information

In business

  • Print retail and export product labels
  • Affix price tags, barcodes in stores
  • Print origin, product information for marketing

In daily life

  • Label personal belongings, household items
  • Waste and recycling labeling
  • Warning and attention labels

In summary, label machines are versatile useful devices with extensive applications in many areas of life. Using machines saves time and effort, while also improving operational efficiency.

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