Criteria to keep in mind when choosing to buy a dough mixer

I. Introduction to dough mixers

Dough mixers are indispensable equipment for confectionery and bread production facilities such as bakeries and confectionery factories. Choosing the right POWDER MIXER plays an important role in ensuring product quality as well as business efficiency.

1. Operating principle

The operating mechanism of a dough mixer is to use a continuously moving stirring paddle to stir ingredients such as flour, cake flour, eggs, sugar… until the ingredients blend into one.
The dough mixer can mix many types of dough at the same time, saving time and effort. Besides, compared to mixing by hand, a dough mixer ensures higher uniformity.

lựa chọn mua máy trộn bột

2. Uses

  • Saves time and effort for bakers compared to mixing by hand.
  • Ensure the uniformity of the dough, not both dry and wet.
  • Easily control the mixing process to ensure quality.
  • The dough mixing recipe can be adjusted more flexibly.
  • Increase the ability to mass produce bread and cakes.

Increase the ability to mass produce bread and cakes.

1. Machine capacity

This is the prerequisite factor that needs to be considered first. The higher the capacity, the stronger the ability to mix powder in large quantities. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the capacity appropriate to your needs so as not to choose a machine that is too small or large.

2. Mixing tray size

Large mixing trays can hold more flour but also require greater productivity. The baby mixing tray is suitable for households and small-scale shops.

3. Material of machine body and mixing tray

SUS304 stainless steel is a popular material, has the advantages of being durable and easy to clean. There are also some other materials such as high-quality cast aluminum or composite…

4. Stirrer when choosing to buy a dough mixer

The silicone stirrer helps the dough mixer operate smoothly, is durable and is easy to clean.

5. Engine

The motor operates continuously to help the dough mix evenly. High quality engine, durable, good continuous working ability.

6. Weight when choosing a dough mixer

The machine’s low weight means high mobility, making it easy to move off the shelf when not in use. You should carefully consider the area for the machine during operation.

7. Accessory tray

The machine has an ingredient tray design on both sides to help make ingredients easier and neater when working.

8. Warranty policy

The dough mixer warranty policy focuses on after-sales and technical support to help you feel secure when using. Information about warranty, maintenance period… needs to be considered in detail.

9. Reputable brand

You should choose reputable brands with guaranteed quality to avoid the risk of buying poor quality products.

10. Affordable price

Finally, the price of the dough mixer needs to fit your budget and initial investment needs.
Above are the most important criteria when choosing to BUY A POWDER MIXER. Hopefully with the above sharing, you can choose the best machine.
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