automatic pouch packing machine

The automatic pouch packing machine is a device that automates the process of packaging products into various plastic pouches, paper pouches, fabric pouches, etc. The machine operates fully automatically through an enclosed mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic system, minimizing human intervention.

Some features of the automatic pouch packing machine:

  • Automatically measures and cuts pouches according to preset sizes
  • Automatically opens pouch mouth and inflates before metering and packaging
  • Has an accurate metering unit that puts products into pouches
  • Automatically seals and heat seals pouch mouth after packaging
  • Operates continuously, ensuring high output and accuracy

The machine is suitable for use in large-scale manufacturing plants that require packaging products at high speeds and with high precision.

Electrical Components

  • PLC: Delta – Taiwan
  • Loadcell: Cas – Korea
  • Screen: Delta – Taiwan
  • Inverter: Delta – Taiwan
  • Sensor: Delta – Taiwan
  • Power source: 220 or 380V, 50Hz


Quantitative Scale: used for grains, coffee, beans, sugar…

Measuring screw: flour, milk powder…

Piston pump: liquid, viscous

Loại túi:

Model 300 430
Bag length (mm) 100-300 100-430
Bag width (mm) 100-300 100-300
Machine speed: bags/minute 5-15 5-15
Packaging weight(g) 5-1500 5-2500
Power requirement(kw) 1kw 1kw
Compressed air requirement(Mpa) 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8
Machine weight(kg) 450 500
Machine dimensions (mm): L x W x H 1880 x 510 x 2260 1880 x 550 x2300

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